Modern Equipment’s That Are Introduced For People With Disabilities.

What are these special equipment’s called?The special types of aids and equipment’s which are made for people with various disabilities are known as assistive technology. This includes assistance that help them adapt and rehabilitate. Assistive technology is a great help as it helps these people with disabilities to be able to engage in their day to day activities without an extra human assistance.

Equipment’s to move and travel.When we speak about equipment’s that are introduced for transportation we are talking about people with limited eye sight, and disabilities related to the legs and torso. There have been wheelchairs introduced for people with disabilities. These makes it easy for them to move from one place to another. However, at present in the market,bike service melbourne have specialized bikes for sale.fix-bike These bikes are made in a comfortable way for people with disabilities. They do not have to use their legs to drive it. Rather it moves automatically. Basically, an extended version of a wheelchair. They can transfer themselves with the help of a third party to the bike and have more accessibility. Similarly, there are modern stair climbing wheelchairs. The usual wheel chairs were used only to move from one place to another. However, the modern stair climbing wheelchair has a balanced technology with a high sensitive sound adaptor. All you got to say is ‘climb’ and the wheelchair would obey your command.

Equipment’s to assist in day to day life.If you have a relative or family member who is suffering from a disability the biggest concern for you is to leave them home alone if you got an urgent work. Well there are mini robots that are made for home use. These robots will inspect the person with disability always. Even when the person is asleep. This robot will then instruct the person and guide the person while he or she is home alone. The robot will check the blood pressure, heart rate and other changes of the person with disability. This has a bigger demand in markets at present as this has helped many people who have experienced unexpected seizures while in their sleep. And the robot immediately alerts the family members through an alarm system.

The modern virtual reality glasses and hearing aids.These can be known as the most developed equipment’s for hearing impaired people and visually impaired people. Both the reality glass and the modern hearing aid has extremely sensitive light and sound systems attached to them. This helps the visually impaired to have a facial recognition through their glasses and identify people. And the hearing aid helps picking up on the slightest sound and would trigger the person with disability of any vehicle or danger in the surrounding.